Friendship: Is there any type?

Do you have friends? Or best friends? Or fast friends?

I remember we used to categorize friendship when we were 10 or 11 years, studying in schools. And then gradually in the race of life, we somewhere left those “Divisions”.

No, it is not about complaining. But truly, I want to ask you- What type of friends do you have?

The BFF Tag

It’s common among girlies out there. #BFF #Friendship #WhatSoEver. It would be difficult to say what intentions these types of friends have, but they are really obsessed with this tag.

The promise makers/ breakers

I swear I will be there for you!  Promise, I will never leave you alone. And so on. It would be difficult to count their promises.

What more difficult is the number of times they make and break these promises.

The seasonal ones

Yes, I need you today, you are my friend. But tomorrow, we might not be comfortable with each other’s company. Seriously, this one is the most hated in my list. What about you?

The storytellers

‘Do you remember in our childhood we used to sing this song?’ Gosh! We have met just 2 years back. I mean how some people are too good, or rather I should say, BAD, at making stories?

The fame lovers

Honestly, they are friend to your fame, not you. My Doctor Friend, My Expensive Car Friend, My Beautiful Friend…

The devilish

My purpose of keeping them in last is that I don’t consider them as a friend. Seriously, they are so dangerous in real. They can cheat you for any reason, or even no reason. Stay away!

I am sure you must have at least one from each category, right? You can drop their name in the comment box and leave them wondering what ‘Type’ of the friend they are. It will be fun!

And in case, you have some other category too, don’t forget to let me know about the same.


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