Incomplete Story: Love has no time…it comes and goes!

Have you ever loved someone?

The most obvious answer would be YES.


But even if that’s not the case, you might be well aware of the feelings love brings in, right?

  • The world starts appearing more beautiful!
  • You are free still caged!
  • You start understanding the lyric/ music better!

And then there can be different feeling, depending on your age, nature, gender, etc.

But are you sure that your love would stay with you forever?

Sounds scary?

No, that isn’t to frighten you. But YES, you need to consider this part as well, especially, when your love is in budding stage. Here’s a real love story, or better say, incomplete love story.

The dreamy girl…


It is about a girl, Richa, who has been dreaming for an army man since her childhood.

Years passed, but she didn’t meet her DREAM ARMY MAN.

The dream boy…


While the hope was losing its corners, there was a story being planned for her. Yes, one good day Richa met Major Aditya Rathore. They were introduced through some common friends on a coffee. And here it was when this ‘incomplete story’ started.

Beginning of love…

Major Aditya was fond of Richa’s smile and Richa as usual was in love with his Army Man. Meetings after meetings, movies, trips, and much more, made them fall for each other.


Reminder: they both haven’t expressed their feelings for each other yet!

Time to express…

love 1

Both were equally in love! And both were planning to surprise each other with their proposals. While Richa was all set to make Major Aditya meet her parents, on the other hand he was preparing to go on knees for Richa.

Unexpected turn…


Just a day before when they were preparing to surprise each other, Major Aditya got an urgent call. And the call stated that he had to join his Battalion for a secret mission next morning.

He was now in a miserable situation as he couldn’t tell Richa where he was going, and why he was going, that too suddenly.

And as they say duty comes first…

Major Aditya left for his next mission, leaving a note for Richa.

Dear Richa,

I don’t know how you would react to this. But I am leaving!

Thank you for all the beautiful moments we spent together. For all your smiles, giggles, and lots more.

You will always remain a special part of my life.

I wish you all the best and keep smiling…

Major Aditya Rathore

Incomplete Story…

As expected, Richa was shattered after reading this. She couldn’t believe it. And the most difficult thing was that she didn’t have any hint- what happened, what to do, where to go?


She survived the pain, but now she doesn’t believe in LOVE anymore. For her it is just a LIFE, which had to be lived anyhow.

I want to ask you- who was at fault?

Richa or Major Aditya?

What could be done? Or how this story can be completed?

Share your views in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Incomplete Story: Love has no time…it comes and goes!

  1. Incomplete stories are always disheartening… But I just wonder, why Major Aditya could not tell her that he is going for duty? Richa, being an army man lover, she could have understood and not so broken. She would have waited for him strongly. Atleast expressing love would have been the correct step for both. I just wonder why people take every emotion, every feeling so for granted(theirs as well as others)… The story would have been a complete one if Major saab had expressed it.


  2. Being an army lover, I can relate things very well. I guess Major told her that duty is calling, the only thing where he lacked was not expressing his feelings to her. May be he don’t want to hurt her by keeping hopes alive as their lives are quite uncertain. But, yeah, If he would have expressed and left, the girl might have taken things in a positive way n loved waiting for him with a smile. All depends on destiny actually, so for me nobody was at fault.


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