Status Report-The fight between you and your work!

Did you send your status report today?

Was it drafted correctly? Or better say honestly?


Why am I asking such a silly question- if you are thinking so, you need to read this till end. I am sure you will get your answer.

Actually, work status reports forms to be an important part of any work culture. It helps summarising both, employee and employer, about the work being allotted and accomplished. But here it is not merely about the significance of a status report.

It is about the work-life of an employee (Jai), and how he feels while preparing his Daily Status Report.

Striking 09:00 AM

You need to be punctual if you want to be successful, right? But seriously, the first fight of the day starts with ‘being on time’.

‘I need to punch (mark attendance) at sharp 9.’

Refreshing 09:30 AM

‘Gosh! I reached on time and today I will do wonders.’

Yes, having those new ideas and fresh mood, Jai feels self-motivated. And this is a good sign.

‘Let me start checking those emails and tasks.’

Boring 10:00 AM

‘Same type of work, similar e-mails, and there’s nothing new’.

It is here where the next struggle begins. Jai is unable to find novelty, and this makes him lose his zeal to create wonders.

Dilemma of 11:00 AM

‘What? Its 11 already and I haven’t started yet. And I don’t want too!’

Jai now feels pissed off and several thoughts like

  • Running away
  • Quitting the job
  • Changing industry
  • Crying louder (sometimes)

start appearing! Jai’s heart wants to fly, not to sit there in that office cabin.

Battling 11:30 AM

‘Escapism won’t help me. I had to do this, anyhow! ’

It is here when the battle between mind and heart begins. While the heart wants to fly high, mind restricts your flight with following questions:

  • What will happen to your career?
  • Will you ever get such a package?
  • What will you say to your family?

Yes, it is a tough decision to make.

Deal with 12:00 PM

In the battle of mind and heart, it is always mind to win.

‘I can do it or I had to it…’

And then Jai starts with his daily work.

Reminding 04:00 PM

‘Oh Shit! I am lagging behind. I wish I would have started working at 9. At least, now I could relax a little.’

The evening break reminds of wasting those precious 3 hours, i.e. 9 to 12. But it is of no worth now! You cannot bring the time back and all you can do is make best use of the time left.

Exhausting 06:30 PM

The day is about to end.

‘Finally, I am done with the work!

Oh wait!

I forgot to prepare my STATUS REPORT.’

Well, if not with all, the story is somehow similar with many of us. Isn’t it?

Actually, we all are human beings, and time after time, we need some change. Working on similar sort of things make life monotonous and boring.

Even when you are highly passionate about your work, Repetitiveness can ruin your interest easily.

What do you say?

Would like to hear your ‘Status Report’ story!


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