SUICIDE – The unethical and unnatural way to end your life!

Do you want to live?

Of course, the answer would be YES.

But for someone, in some corner of the world the answer would be NO. Wondering, why I am telling so?

Actually, it’s not me, but the stats which clearly states that people don’t want to live their life.


Well, it is frightening and a big reason to worry that why suicide rates are increasing? Is it a right decision to end up your life?


Actually, what made me discuss this with you is that I got to hear a suicide case today evening. It shook me completely, and honestly, it wasn’t the first case I heard. Here I am sharing three ‘Suicide Stories’ which I ‘unfortunately’ confronted in one way or the other.

Story #1: A girl in love

Back in year 2007, I was in 11th standard, and there was a girl, Ria (name changed) who used to sit beside me. She was a brilliant student and a ‘silent’ one too. All was good in the starting days. She used to have fun, bunk classes, miss out lectures, and do all those random things, which everyone do in their school days.



One fine day, I saw her talking to someone on phone and crying louder. Firstly, I hesitated in asking, but I couldn’t resist. On my repeated request, she stated her love story. I won’t make it long!

She was in love with a person who was 12 years elder to her, and was a doctor by profession. Due to their age gap and some other family issues, nothing was going fine in their relationship. She told me that her beau was planning to get hitched with someone. With all my sympathy, I tried my level best to relieve her, knowing that she was highly depressed.

Four days later, I saw my father reading news in the newspaper that a girl from my school committed suicide. To all my surprise I snatched the paper and was left in tears after looking at her beautiful photograph there!

Story #2: A father in lien

I met a girl in my tuition classes in 2011. She was from a descent family with a good financial background. But this was what I thought! Just after a week or more of coming into her contacts, I learnt that her father burnt himself to death.



When the police investigated for reason, they got to know that they were badly in debts. Actually, their family business was sinking from past few years. But in order to maintain their high standards of living, her father kept on engaging into loans and other forms of debts.

And when he found himself incapable of paying those back, he ended up his life and happiness of his family!

Story #3: A ‘failed’ boy

Sometimes, even we put greater efforts, we fail. Same was the case with Abhi. It is the same suicide story I heard this evening from my brother.

Abhi was my brother’s classmate. He was an average student. And day before yesterday, when his roommates entered his room, they found him hanging to the ceiling fan. While the reason is not clear yet, however, the near and dear are expecting it due to the fear of failing in coming results. The results which are yet to be announced in June!



It was completely shocking.

Life is precious, isn’t it? Then why people like Ria, Abhi and the father dare to end up it?

Is that fear to lose someone or something bigger than the happiness of those who really care for us?

I mean,

  • In Ria’s case; she was the only child. She left her parents all alone, wondering what their fault was. Will her parents ever smile again?
  • In Father’s case; was a lavishing lifestyle more important than his kids smile? Won’t they now be living in terrible circumstances?
  • In Abhi’s case; what if the results appear to be good for him? And even if he would have failed, weren’t their other opportunities?

In a nutshell, one thing is pretty clear; running away from fears will not help. And SUICIDE is not right in any sense.



Yes, it’s a coward step and even the thought of doing so should be kept at bay.

What is your say?

If you have any tips for those thinking to suicide, don’t forget to share. You might save someone’s life!



4 thoughts on “SUICIDE – The unethical and unnatural way to end your life!

  1. Failing in any target or in any aim is causing of suicide.. but only suicide is not a way to bring himself freedom from all failures… Give a better opportunity to prove urself with new one target that you will achieve it in future with better efforts 👍👍


  2. Suicide:-
    When life seems to be useless or there is no desire to live or fear is too much, in my opinion its suicide.
    Believe, that’s the only thing that keeps us alive. Believe, that tomorrow will come and we will be able to do certain things in due time. But when it is shattered due to any reasons one losses the desire to live and at that time they need someone to restore that believe in them again, make them see what they have rather than what they don’t.
    In case of Ria, I think it is because she thought that her life is useless now with the guys love and she just lost the desire for life as she lost the person she made her life.
    In case of the Father:- I think it is fear that he won’t ever be able to repay the debts and now he won’t be able to keep his family happy and like the father in the movie Dhoom 3 that the situation of making you lose something so precious to you takes away the desire to live.
    In case of Abhi:- I think it is the fear of being able to fulfill the expectations to everybody, the parents or sometimes your own. So, the mind refuses to take the pressure and says no more.

    My suggestion to anyone in this kind of situation is only this that just breathe and feel that you are alive and that’s a miracle, embrace it.


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