Boredom In Relationship- Don’t call quit; Learn to add life!

Growing bored in your relationship?

Nothing seems to be fine between two of you?

There is no charm left in your love life?

Then most probably people will advise you to call a QUIT.


But wait! Will it really help you? No, I mean just that there is no so called, SPARK left in your relationship, justify ending it up?

Of course NOT! This is something very normal in a long-term relationship. In fact, it is human nature to get easily bored, doing same things time after time. In a similar way, after years of being together, you start feeling being stuck in the same routine and with the same person.

“I have been with the same person since high school. Now in late twenties I just wonder sometimes, what it would feel like to be with someone else for a change! But what if it hadn’t worked out?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~Natasha, 27


Just like Natasha, if you’ve spent most of your early twenties in a relationship, there are good chanced for you to miss ‘Bachelorhood’. And you might even miss the rush of flirting with the super-boy in your class, the abandon of buying a single ticket for your favourite movie, and the thrill of one-night stands.


But meanwhile it is important for you to realize- What You Have Found?

You’ve found that one guy who makes you feel loved, cared about, amazing, beautiful, and special. So, what if you’ve been with him for years or those sparkling talks doesn’t exist anymore. There is still one thing which is essential to survive- LOVE.


And in case, you’ve noticed that things are getting a bit stale, not to worry! Try on some exclusive ideas to ensure that your relationship remains exciting, alive, and burning.

Be friends always


Being in a relationship is good. But most importantly, you need to remain good friends forever. So, listen to each other, learn about likes and dislikes, and continue doing silly things.

Let the love flow


To make love exist, show it each and every day. You may or may not say those special three words, but you must realize the meaning behind them. So, hold each other’s hands, kiss each other in public, be flirtatious, be playful, and be happy.

Impress with dress


Love is blind– ok; it might be, but not your partner, right? When in a relationship, it’s likely that you don’t dress to catch eyes anymore. But why don’t surprise him/ her by dressing up nicely and find out just how often their eyes land on you. Isn’t it cool idea?

Two-gether goals


So, now you are in a long term relation, that’s cool. Why don’t have goals together and strive to reach them hand in hand. It can be anything, a plan to buy a home in a new neighborhood, or just redecorate a room in your apartment. It is just about adding ambition to your relationship.

Spend time with common friends


Just plan a party with friends and family. While it will get closer to your friends, it also gives both of you time to do something fun, that too without being apart.

Surprise date


Dates and outings seem to be a part of early phase in relationship. Once you stick together, you forget about these. And it is here, when you start feeling bored. It is never too late.

Just trick your partner into going on a date with you, just like those good old times. You can also plan something fun and exciting, something you both like and will enjoy doing.

Get apart for sometime

Do you know spending too much time together can cause a relationship to get boring?


Learn together


When nothing seems to be fine, there’s nothing better than gaining knowledge together. It doesn’t need to be some academic class. You can start reading a novel or learning how to cook or bake?


Lastly, I would like to remind you that a relationship will not always be hunky dory. It is not about making your world go round. Actually, love is not supposed to be like that.

A mature relationship exist when both of you want to grow old together. Yes, it’s when you are in comfort of each other’s presence to that extent when you no longer feel the need to impress and act.


Simple, it is when you can’t bear to share your life with anyone else.

So, don’t ruin your life, calling it to quit for a reason that you are now BORED. Experiment with the above stated tips and go, get in love again.

Would like to hear your stories of old and new relationship! How you survived or recovered, might help someone else. Do share in the comment section below.

Be loved and keep loving!



9 thoughts on “Boredom In Relationship- Don’t call quit; Learn to add life!

  1. I never been in long term relationship. The reason u mentioned above already…
    But, the tips of u are really helpful for everyone… I appreciate your writing and thoughts
    And I to gonna use them further… ❤❤


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