Cheating: A choice or Compulsion!


“You are not the same I met”

“There’s nothing left between two of us…”

“Stop irritating me always!”

If you are hearing something similar from your partner on regular basis, then beware!

Yes, you are being cheated, or going to be very soon.



No, I don’t mean to put you behind him/her or become a detective. But seriously, this is something you need to know.  Reason being, these days cheating seems to be an inevitable aspect of the modern monogamous relationship. And what makes the condition worse is- there is no single reason for cheating.

Recently, I have come across 5 common reasons people give for cheating. And regardless of the fact that all of them are lame excuses, these are highly popular.



Novelty might be the demand of the market. But when it is about a relationship, you cannot start and end up with a new person frequently, right? So, if your partner is citing boredom as an excuse to cheating, he/she simply works on the logic to replace out old with the new.

Seriously, it is both, shallow and disturbing. And I believe it is the poorest excuse.



There comes a time when the complex dynamics of a relationship run out of balance. This in turn brings forth frustrations and arguments. Certainly, the raising anger can grow into an argument, and even a huge fight. And fighting of any sort is in itself an emotionally-draining event. But that doesn’t make it an excuse to cheat, right? It can be resolved together!



This is another way to say that ‘you are getting my needs met’. Actually, such type of people find that their new love interest offers more time, energy and motivation. Hence, they start feeling good again. As the new beau listens and the new mistress dresses sexy, they a reason to ditch you!



Ok! I agree that it’s wrong for a partner to withhold attention. But definitely, it doesn’t justify the act of cheating on the other person for this reason. When you truly care about a person and the relationship, you need to be patient. And even if your relationship lacks attention, communication is the key. Talk to them, and let them know, what are you going through? What you feel?



The reason behind placing this one in the last is that I personally hate it. It is a horrible, terrifying and completely a lie.

Well, it greatly depends on what you see cheating as. For instance, some consider it as something thrilling and fun, and here it wouldn’t be easy to control yourself. However, if you see it as a betrayal, selfishness, or a relationship killer, you’d learn to control. Simply, it’s your perception of cheating which makes you a cheater.

In a nutshell, cheaters will always be cheaters. It’s simply their nature and something which exists in their DNA.


A person who truly loves you will stick by your side no matter how worse the circumstances tend to be. Cheating in itself is just disrespectful.  So, stop accepting such lame excuses from cheaters, and step ahead confidently!




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