Situationship: The erroneous face of relationship

You might have heard of almost every type of relationship,

  • Just friends,
  • Good friend,
  • More than friends,

And then comes the trendier one….

Friends with benefits!


A decade back, when Facebook introduced the relationship category, “It’s Complicated”, many of you must have laughed at it. But who would have thought that one fine day, relationships would turn too complex.


Dating couldn’t get any worse!

Yes, it’s true! The new trend proves it well. And it is here where the term “situationship” arrives.

Wondering what it is?

Situationship is that awkward space between being a friend with benefits and being in a relationship.

Defining Situationship…

The one liner was though enough, yet here is a broader explanation.

Basically, it is when you’re friends with benefits, but you are fairly together for a list of things that normal couples do. This means, you could be going to buy groceries together, plan for a weekend, go for dinner with just the two of you, and console each other in bad times.


So, this may sound like almost a relationship. But wait! There’s a huge difference, or better say, there is something missing. What?

There will not be ‘about us’ conversation.

Why Situationship?

As stated your situationship has one catch, i.e. there are no ‘about us’ conversations. And the answer to the question, what lead to situationship lies in the same. Actually, such kind of conversation can make or break whatever friendship or relationship you are dealing with. Hence, people who prefer situationship, avoid such type of communication.


Healthy relationships are built on understanding and clear communication, but in such kind of relation are built from the lack thereof.

People keep on playing mind games in their head subconsciously, and most of the times end into something which would definitely be more injurious in future.

What Should Be Done?

It is understood that even in a situationship there are feelings involved. Else, you wouldn’t be spending all that time together for nothing, isn’t it?

So, clearly, you both enjoy each other’s company, and also not all your attraction is physical.

But the questions still remains the same… what to do? Or better say, what would be the result?

To be very rude- end it up straight away!


But, be a little smarter! There is always a hope of something at every moment. Try to communicate him/ her that you need them forever. If you catch a glimpse of a future together, you might continue. However, if just for the reason that you fear to lose him, you want to stay, SORRY!

You are just fooling yourself.

You will end up feeling entitled to your emotions. You will not be able to tell your friends or your family, how you were dumped or even if you were dumped.

Let’s be real, earn respect for yourself. It will give you that piece of mind you are missing right now!



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