Hill Ride: A Journey to self!

Work is not right?

Relations are not true?

Life is appearing meaningless?

Or dealing with unnecessary negativity?

This is something which every one of us faces off after few days, weeks, or months. So, you don’t need to panic at all.

When nothing seems to be fine, take an escape through the hills… ~Life Utter

Wondering why I am saying so? Actually, in all of the situations mentioned above, you will find that there is one thing common- you lack peace of mind. And of course, you cannot buy it from a grocery store at any cost, right?

So, what’s the solution? It is simple- you need a break. A break from the daily routine; and you need to fall in love with yourself and nature, once again. Believe it, there is no better place than the hills to achieve it. Thinking how?
Join me for the amazing journey;

Trekking for good health and vibes



In those sharp and mesmerizing winding hilly tracks, I loved the way cool and comfortable weather allowed me to breathe freely. The best thing is that it is not at all crowded. So, if you are planning to go, don’t miss out trekking on the long hilly roads, giving yourself freedom to relax as well as revive.

Exploring flora and fauna

Do you love flowers? Do you love colors?


Ok, great! Go and give your eyes a treat with those peaceful yet engaging trails amidst lofty hills. I am I love with those thick woods, rich flora and fauna, lying along the narrow winding paths of rocky cliffs. They appear to be so appealing and beautiful.

Satisfying taste buds


If you are a foodie, a trip to hills would work in dual mode. Here you will get lip-smacking food which you would relish forever. In my case, I loved those veg. dumpling and thukpa. And yes, my all-time favorites, Rudra’s Coffee.

Shopping is the topping

You might visit your nearby malls every week, but the collection you get access to in hills is something different. Explore more colors, designs, and much more. From those traditional wind chimes to regional dresses, there is a lot to keep your hunt on.

Collecting good memories and pictures

The walk in serene and refreshing atmosphere gives you the best panoramic views of sharp hills and curvy road. Having that nature walk amidst the hills, I was introduced to the most picture-perfect environs. Seriously, nothing serves better than it when you have to capture some good clicks. Those I shared with you in this blog post are some live examples of nature clicks in the hills. Hope you liked these!

I hope you enjoyed it so far!

Well, this was a short summary of my rides. Will be sharing them in detail in upcoming posts!

Would love to hear your experiences too; don’t forget to share.


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