Have you ever felt that your life is useless? Or that you aren’t treated the way you deserve to be?

If that is the case, I suggest, stop complaining and start loving yourself!

And this is what I am doing here, right here!

Writing doesn’t mean to express or to convey. In fact, I believe it is a wonderful way out

  • To burst your anger
  • To flew away your fear
  • To remember your failure
  • To celebrate your win
  • To make yourself smile
  • To learn something new
  • To go beyond the miles

And the list can be very long!

So, in any case, you are surrounded by any kind of feeling, writing it down, in any form will surely help.

I am a girl- and I am proud of it!

No, I am not trying to be a Feminist here. But YES, I seriously feel proud to be called a girl, regardless of the fact that

I ride bike



I donate blood in every three months



I love driving in dark nights


#nightrider #nocturnal

I don’t like pink



I go for solo trips



I travel alone



I celebrate my days in my ways




Well, that would be enough for now. Rest, you will know about me in my posts coming soon.